Company Profile



SAI OVERSEAS, based in Panipat,is a Government recognized Export House. SAI OVERSEAS is one of the widely acclaimed companies engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of exotic home furnishings and floor covering products. We at SAI OVERSEASareall about delivering commitment and providing best quality products at reasonable prices to our valuable customers throughout the globe. Since its inception, the company has successfully catered to the diverse requirements of its esteemed customers. The company constantly strives to add innovative designs and styles to its products range with the research and developments of the well-experienced designing team.




“Human interaction & responsibility towards the society is a key element of our working life”


Sai Overseas is a fully compliance based manufacturing unit-

1. SA 8000-2008,

2. ISO 9001:2008,

3. ISO 14001:2008.

The awareness of social accountability to the skilled workers and their responsibility is a phenomenon that is becoming very critical to our Business. We follow a code of conduct when it comes to the working class who create the magnificent products that feature in their stores and catalogs!


It is our endeavor to provide a Safe and Healthy-working environment for the workers. Our Compliance team ensures that our factory follow Globally accepted and practiced Social Accountability standards and are Responsible for providing good working conditions to our workers.


Our Compliance Auditors are trained and are well versed with the process to ensure the management gets the best and fair report of the working conditions in the factory. They audit on the basis of global standards such as SA8000 (a global standard for human rights at work) developed by the Social Accountability International (SAI), which is a global standard-setting non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving workplaces and communities. If any issue is found during the audit process, it is reported and the auditors give suggestions on the Areas of improvement.